SEMRON joined the OTB portfolio! €7 million seed round for developing computer chips.

SEMRON joined the OTB portfolio! €7 million seed round for developing computer chips.

Dresden-based startup is developing advanced computer chips capable of accelerating AI performance in compact smart devices at scale. 

We’re delighted to be part of closing this very impressive seed round of over €7 million together with JOIN CAPITALSquareOne Venture Capital and Onsight Ventures.
Aron Kirschen, CEO and co-founder of SEMRON: “The current state of the semiconductor industry reveals a stark absence of a compelling strategy for the future, and even for today’s AI demands. At SEMRON, we are not just focusing on decreasing energy consumption and enhancing performance. Our vision encompasses a radical shift towards cost reduction, increased flexibility, and the capability to run vast AI models with billions of parameters on a mere fingertip of silicon.”

Addressing the Future of Semiconductor Industry & AI

“The emergence of the new deep learning models and their widespread adoption puts increased pressure on traditional computing architectures and exposes the limitations of the Moore’s law. The full potential of AI remains untapped, especially on the edge devices. Semron is bridging the gap with its revolutionary 3D-scaled AI chip, that enables to run enormous LLM models on a small form factor without depleting the battery. It unlocks totally new use-cases for vast number of devices such as smartphones, VR headsets & IoT devices. We are thrilled to team up with Aron & Kai-Uwe and join the journey to redefine semiconductor industry” said Karol Szubstarski, partner at OTB Ventures.


About Semron

SEMRON, based in Dresden, Germany, is a deep tech startup at the forefront of the next revolution in Artificial Intelligence. Specializing in the development of cutting-edge semiconductor technology, SEMRON is dedicated to crafting the world’s most powerful and energy-efficient computer chips, designed to enhance AI performance in compact smart devices. The company’s innovative approach utilizes a three-dimensional space in chip design, allowing for unprecedented improvements in efficiency.