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OTB Ventures is a leading venture capital fund in Europe that is focused on investing in the early growth, post-product, DeepTech startups from the CEE market. OTB Ventures’ goal is to support startup founders that are developing unique technologies in 4 key verticals: SpaceTech, AI & Automation, FinTech and Cybersecurity.

OTB Ventures was established in 2017 and is currently the largest VC originating from the CEE, managing over $300M. OTB team is working from two offices: Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Warsaw (Poland). Read more about us

OUR MISSION & strategy

We empower tech entrepreneurs on the forefront of a global paradigm shift.

OTB Ventures is a Real Tech venture capital fund supporting Founders with global ambitions, creating solutions with a unique IP & value proposition and with links to Europe. We provide early growth funding to empower entrepreneurs to scale their business globally, while retaining a strong focus on technology.



  • We make critical business and partner introduction happen
  • We support You during POCs and initial test phase for future clients
  • We lend our experience in build effective sales channels
  • We see a lot and are keen on sharing best market practices


  • We know people and can assist with strengthening the management team
  • If you need real experts, we can help You find independent Directors
  • Appropriate and aligned remuneration is vital for startup’s success, we can support you in designing and structuring of compensation and ESOP schemes


  • We are connected to global VC ecosystem and can support You in finding additional follow-on investors
  • Moreover, through our network and experience we’re helpful with syndicating additional financing (debt and equity)
  • We are in contact with multiple strategic investors and are able to find and introduce the most appropriate ones
  • Last but not least, due to our experience we can assist you in preparing Your company for a successful exit


  • We can help You see the market opportunities clearer
  • We shed light on the best corporate governance for the CEO to establish and support their goals
  • We truly believe in global potential of our portfolio companies and can instrumentla in supporting international expansion

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