Empowering the Future of Embedded Chips – Synthara AG joined OTB portfolio

Empowering the Future of Embedded Chips – Synthara AG joined OTB portfolio

Investment Announcement: with Synthara AG

We are happy to share our investment in the Swiss semiconductor startup Synthara AG, which has successfully raised over $11 million. Congratulation to Manu V Nair, Alessandro Aimar, and the whole Synthara team 👏

Synthara’s groundbreaking ComputeRAM™ technology enables general-purpose embedded chips to handle a wide variety of hasztag#AI-rich applications, significantly lowering costs and time to market. This innovative approach opens new opportunities for both chipmakers and device makers, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the hasztag#semiconductor industry.

The emerging in-memory computing (IMC) paradigm is set to transform the industry. Synthara enables easy integration of the underlying principles of hasztag#IMC technology into existing chip designs without any disruptive alterations to the architecture. That makes Synthara very well positioned to spearhead the change within the industry, providing immediate performance gains at a limited energy budget across multiple product categories and unlocking new use cases, like real-time voice processing on the edge in hearing aids. – commented Karol Szubstarski, partner at OTB Ventures.

We are excited to join the round with Vsquared Ventures, Onsight Ventures, and Deeptech Labs alongside European and Swiss grant funding.

Read more in Tim Smith article for Sifted: https://lnkd.in/eyDG-N9A