Kurs Orbital is an Italian startup that aims to democratise in-orbit servicing and space logistics markets with its innovative ARCap module. ARCap is a standardised rendezvous module that can enable any spacecraft to autonomously perform rendezvous and docking manoeuvres, even with non-cooperative targets. Since 2022, the start-up is incubated in I3P, the Innovative Companies Incubator of Politecnico di Torino. Kurs Orbital is a sustaining member of CONFERS, the Consortium for Execution of Rendezvous and Servicing created by DARPA, which is developing industry-led standards that contribute to a sustainable, safe, and diverse space economy, and engaging with global governmental legislative and regulatory bodies on policies.

akirolabs develops an AI-augmented SaaS platform for collaboratIve strategic procurement. akirolabs is based upon a world-class and industry proven strategic procurement process, methodology and toolkit, embedded into an intuitive cross-functIonal collaboration workflow and enriched with all relevant internal and external business insights.

SEMRON is specializing in the development of cutting-edge semiconductor technology, dedicated to crafting the world’s most powerful and energy-efficient computer chips, designed to enhance AI performance in compact smart devices. The company’s innovative approach utilizes a three-dimensional space in chip design, allowing for unprecedented improvements in efficiency. 

ATMOS Space Cargo GmbH specializes in developing and manufacturing technology to return cargo of any size from space, from microgravity experiments and commercial products to entire rocket stages.

KYP.ai platform captures enormous amount of unstructured information, skillfully blends process and task mining techniques to analyze it and ultimately help you see, understand and act on how work in your organization gets done. KYP.ai deploys its AI-powered enterprise software to collect organisations’ data for productivity insights on people, process and technology, resulting in ROI typically within three months. Processing high volume, real-time data, KYP.ai demonstrates a strong track record of delivering a 34% increase in process automation and 26% cost optimisation. Its software also boosts process standardisation by 78% and efficiency by 32%, representing further cost savings for customers.

Firmographic Intelligence

The people at Veridion are committed to enrich your organization with the best possible data to break new business ground with your SMB clients. Always driven by the complexity of AI and Machine Learning, we build more efficient ways of getting more data and getting more out of it. Urged on reliability and complete-ness, our datasets have yet to be beaten in terms of accuracy and classification by industry mammoths. Furthering the benefit of providing unique data, we are proud to be streamlining data-driven growth across many areas within industries. We want to be at the forefront of change and use our global data platform to be a case study for more accurate and reliable data provisioning.

ClearSpace SA, is an In-Orbit Services (IOS) company

ClearSpace SA was created in 2018 and intending on revolutionizing how space missions are conducted.  ClearSpace is creating the technologies that will support a wide range of IOS applications, from disposal and in-orbit transport to mission extension, assembly, manufacturing, repair, and recycling. ClearSpace aims to support institutions and commercial operators alike, to enhance sustainable space operations and promote a circular space economy

#1 high-performance, low-code platform for rapid blockchain innovation

SettleMint is the world’s most powerful in-browser blockchain development platform. Rapidly build and deploy blockchain Web3 services, and mint NFTs with a low-code, user-friendly interface. With our ready-to-use tools, smart contract library and full integration studio, you can bring your use case to production in weeks.

Speech Enhancement 

Babblelabs’ solution improves the quality of audio by removing virtually all unwanted noises such as traffic, crowds, wind, & machinery, while preserving speech quality and clarity. It is able to reduce background noise by a factor of 10x with no reduction in speech quality.

Automated Process Mining

Minit is a provider of automated process discovery and mapping software (Process Mining), which is used to build the ‘as-is’ models of actual business processes of an organization. Using a combination of visualization techniques and data analysis, it detects bottlenecks and identifies potential areas for process improvement.

Work-related injuries prevention platform

Ergonomic injury prevention solution for workers to reduce manual handling movements that contribute to musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Wearable solution, powered by sophisticated AI engine, combined with video analytics enables to identify in real time movements that can lead to injuries and use biofeedback to trigger behavioral change. Company aims to improve the wellbeing of the employees across the globe and save $ billions in costs related to workplace injuries.

Embedded lending platform, fintech

Embedded lending platform that enables any business to launch and manage digital lending capabilities. End-to-end solution that securely automates every step of loan life cycle. Tailored for any business of any size, and covers full spectrum of loan products [mortgage, consumer, commercial, BNPL, peer-to-peer, etc.].

Thermal Imaging SpaceTech Company

Hydrosat is a data analytics company that uses thermal infrared imagery to provide unprecedented insights for commercial and government customers. The company high-capacity thermal imagery affords a unique perspective on our planet, and Hydrosat’s advanced analytics convey precise crop yield forecasts and improved irrigation tools to financial and agribusiness customers around the globe.

Cloud manufacturing platform

Fractory is an automated on-demand metal components manufacturing platform connecting engineering and manufacturing companies in a seamless pricing, ordering, processing and delivery workflow. It digitizes and automates the metal fabrication market leading to cost savings, more convenient process, faster lead times  and decreased wastage and carbon footprint.

Account-to-account payments infrastructure

Unique payment infrastructure that provides an alternative for traditional payment methods and enables merchants to facilitate payments, both online and offline, from their customers’ pre-linked bank accounts. Account-to-account transactions enable a seamless experience for customers, significantly reduced fees for merchants (traditionally charged by card network participants), and quick transaction processing.

Compliance Automation

Ondato provides a complete, end-to-end authentication & compliance management suite for Know Your Customer (KYC) & Know Your Business (KYB) procedure. Company helps to identify private individuals and legal entities, review data registers, sanction lists & PEPs and fully authenticate the client in line with the highest security and regulatory requirements.

Fraud Detection

Scalarr platform detects and protects against mobile advertising fraud and enables its clients to save millions of USD in marketing budgets that would be otherwise spent for artificial, non-human, fraudulent traffic. Leveraging machine learning algorithms enables company to reach detection accuracy of 97% and to uncover new, previously unknown fraud patterns.

Hyperpersonalization in Digital Banking 

FintechOS is a digital platform for financial institutions (banks and insurers) for creating personalized digital products. The platform allows for the building of white-label, customer-facing interfaces and provides middleware to automate relevant product-related workflows. The main value of FintechOS lies in giving banks insights into their customers’ data and enabling them to create personalized offers.

Anti-money Laundering Automation 

RegTech company that is passionate about using big data analytics and cutting edge technology to revolutionise the way companies protect themselves from criminals, terrorists and money launderers. Using artificial intelligence SilentEight helps financial institutions manage their compliance and risk obligations and prevent the occurrence of financial crime.

Beyond End2End Test Automation

Segron is a provider of service Quality Assurance for industries in digital transformation. Thanks to their patented AI based product, they are enable testing for any digital service in any location using any type of device. 
The company serve several industries from Telco to finance and automotive and accelerate time-to-market while reducing cost for QA.

SAR Imaging Micro-Satellites

ICEYE is building a satellite-based service to provide the world with access to near-real-time imagery from space. Our synthetic aperture radar (SAR) instrument can capture images through clouds, darkness and other obscuring elements, making it more reliable for operational use than optical camera systems.

Offline Behavioural Analytics

AI location data analytics platform for targeting offline customers via online channels. The company’s location-based solution bridges the gap enabling analysis of customer behavior and assigns each customer to predefined segments.

Satellite Imagery Analytics

A platform that empowers decision-makers with analysis of satellite images. SpaceKnow uses commercial imagery from satellite operators in order to provide targeted industrial and geographic intelligence.