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OTB Ventures is a leading European VC focused on DeepTech with an unfair advantage in accessing Central and Eastern European (CEE) deal flow, investing in early growth, real tech startups (late Seed, Series A and B) that develop unique technologies in 4 verticals: SpaceTech, AI & Automation, FinTech and Cybersecurity Read more about us

OUR MISSION & strategy

We empower tech entrepreneurs on the forefront of a global paradigm shift.

OTB Ventures is a Real Tech venture capital fund supporting Founders with global ambitions, creating solutions with a unique IP & value proposition and with links to Europe. We provide early growth funding to empower entrepreneurs to scale their business globally, while retaining a strong focus on technology.



  • We make critical business and partner introduction happen
  • We support You during POCs and initial test phase for future clients
  • We lend our experience in build effective sales channels
  • We see a lot and are keen on sharing best market practices


  • We know people and can assist with strengthening the management team
  • If you need real experts, we can help You find independent Directors
  • Appropriate and aligned remuneration is vital for startup’s success, we can support you in designing and structuring of compensation and ESOP schemes


  • We are connected to global VC ecosystem and can support You in finding additional follow-on investors
  • Moreover, through our network and experience we’re helpful with syndicating additional financing (debt and equity)
  • We are in contact with multiple strategic investors and are able to find and introduce the most appropriate ones
  • Last but not least, due to our experience we can assist you in preparing Your company for a successful exit


  • We can help You see the market opportunities clearer
  • We shed light on the best corporate governance for the CEO to establish and support their goals
  • We truly believe in global potential of our portfolio companies and can instrumentla in supporting international expansion

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New OTB investment - akirolabs raises $5M in Seed Funding
Founded in 2021, Berlin-based akirolabs empowers procurement organisations to unlock 4 - 5x higher sustainable business value beyond traditional cost savings. The funding round was led by OTB Ventures, HTGF and D11Z Ventures and strengthened by angel
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SEMRON joined the OTB portfolio! €7 million seed round for developing computer chips.
Dresden-based startup is developing advanced computer chips capable of accelerating AI performance in compact smart devices at scale.    We're delighted to be part of closing this very impressive seed round of over €7 million together with JOIN C
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ATMOS Space Cargo Secures Extra €1.3M for Earlier Access to Low Earth Orbit and joined OTB Ventures portfolio
ATMOS successfully extends its initial seed financing round from June 2023, which was oversubscribed at €4 million, in preparation for assembling the first prototype of its Phoenix return capsule to fly into space and back. OTB Ventures joined the co
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Insights on a truly global scale: An interview with ICEYE CEO Rafał Modrzewski
We interviewed Rafal Modrzewski, co-founder and CEO of ICEYE, a Finland-based micro-satellite manufacturer, at the recent OTB Ventures Summit in Poland. Founded in 2014 and backed by the EIC along the way, ICEYE essentially provides persistent mon
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